Company History

May Asphalt Group is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for the past 25+years……with over 50 years experience.

The company was built on quality, service, presentation and from a long history involved with the asphalt industry from a few generations and alongside with its highly skilled team and workmanship from our crew members.

Who We Are

We at May Asphalt Group, pride ourselves to deliver the highest of standards to all ours customers, on budget and on time which will continue to see us do business with new, present and past customers.

All works completed and serviced by May Asphalt Group are done by May Asphalt Group. We use all in house labor and plant equipment owned and operated by May Asphalt Group.

Our team members are all highly skilled and experienced workers/operators in all aspects of asphalt works, which service throughout Victoria.


To provide to high standard of quality and service we use a cloud based system to control measurements of quality in realtime with the clients and providers of any issues that may arise and impact the service or quality provided, May Asphalt Group conducts its quality polices by the international guidelines of ISO9001 quality certification.


All practises from May Asphalt Group is to ensure a low impact and small carbon footprint to our environment are controlled by extreme measures under the international guidelines of ISO14001 environment certification.


With no ohs issues in our business have been from a great team effort to prevent any ‘Industrial Disputes” in which we’ve had none in our entire history. “Prevention is Cure” we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a great track record with our employees/staff in which we are governed by international guidelines ISO45001 OHS certification.