May Asphalt Group provide various types of services to the asphalt industry, from the removal of asphalt, asphalt paving, project consulting through to plant and labor hire.


May Asphalt Group have a wide range of services to suit a diverse range of applications from Asphalt Paving/Overlays, Profiling/Edge Planing, Reinstatements Works, Crack Sealing to various road way works. Our highly experienced and qualified team have are dedicated to delivering every project on-time and on-budget. View some of our asphalt services below.

Asphalt Paving

We provide all types of asphalt paving and equipment, to suit all types of applications from machine paved to small hand lay works.


Cut and removal of existing asphalt pavement, from our various types of Profilers from 2m to 350mm width cutters, using the latest milling equipment.

Crack Sealing

All crack sealing works we provide are hot applied rubber sealants to various cracks in all types of road ways, carparks, schools or reinstatements joins to prevent future deterioration. We do not use cold type of rubber sealants, as its deemed to be not as effective.

Plant Hire

Hiring of our plant is available from our extensive list of plant to complete most applications of asphalt works.