May Asphalt featured in CAT Summer 2023 Magazine

Caterpillar’s PM range of cold planers is hugely popular overseas – and now May Asphalt Group has become the proud owner of the first PM620 sold into the Victorian and Tasmanian markets. This is a versatile machine that plays a key role in road surfacing, says William Adams Product Specialist – Paving, Toby Kay.

“The Cat PM620 ‘profiles’ the asphalt, cutting and removing the old surface and preparing the base for the new surface, which comes along afterwards. “May Asphalt Group will get maximum use out of its two-metre-cut capacity and will use it for profiling everything from suburban roads to freeways. But they will also be able to use it for bulk milling and doing small patch and paving work.”

Caterpillar makes PM-series machines in several sizes ranging from the small PM310, with a one-metre-cutting width, all the way through to the giant PM825, with a 2.5-metre cut. The 30-ton PM620, with its 2010mm-cutting width and 330mm-cutting depth, is the most popular in the asphalt and concrete cuts in a single pass.

A quick look at the machine’s specifications reveals more reasons for its popularity. Its 470-kW, 3710 Nm Cat C18 turbo diesel engine, which meets the Tier III emission standard, has Automatic Idle Control, and multiple rotor speeds to ensure smooth operations while reducing demand on the engine. The rotor’s automatic load-sensing also adjusts milling speeds to stop stalls, increasing production rates.

The tracked undercarriage – placing a track at each corner of the machine – uses proven Caterpillar technology including advanced steering and traction control, as well as an automatic tensioning system for consistent performance and longer track life. The PM620 has a broad operations deck with height adjustable consoles and ergonomic controls complete with
the Cat GRADE and slope system, which gives automatic, repeatable and accurate cuts. The deck extends outwards on either side so operators can move ‘outboard’ for a more detailed look at the worksite in real time.

The machine also has an obstacle jump feature – an automatic lift and lower system used for pre-programmed sections of the road surface, such as crossing access covers set into the road. It is fast, too, with a maximum travel speed of just under six kilometres per hour and a maximum milling speed of 100 metres per minute – equivalent to a very brisk walking pace. Speed, ergonomics and economical operation are not restricted to work effectiveness either, with the PM620’s design reducing maintenance times courtesy of walk-in access to critical components, long service intervals and, of course, easy parts availability and machine support through the William Adams and Cat dealer network.

PM620 uses Caterpillar’s ‘K rotor’ system for perfect cuts. Its efficient design means an excellent cutting pattern over a variety of applications and optimal material flow to the conveyor. Making life even easier, the rotor’s drive unit has a heavy duty dry clutch and two high-tensile drive belts with automatic tensioning. And at the end of the day? There is even a 3800-litre onboard water tank for easy wash downs! Toby Kay believes May Asphalt Group will see a jump in productivity thanks to its new machine.

“It will certainly increase their productivity by cutting work time,” he says. “Rather than doing two cuts, as is usually the case with existing machinery, they will do it in one, so they’ll basically be halving work time.”



Compact Performance

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for the job, size really does matter… especially when it comes to moving equipment from job to job. Transport and logistics can represent a major cost – even on relatively small jobs – and put simply, the larger the equipment, the higher the cost. With that in mind, when it came to selecting a new multi- wheeled roller for their equipment fleet, Melbourne-based road and infrastructure specialist May Asphalt Group chose the Dynapac CP1200W.

May Asphalt Group Managing Director, Rick May, explained:

“Together with our focus on quality and safety, we also place a significant emphasis on sustainability. We’re fully certified to ISO14001 environmental certification, and as such, our goal is to minimise both the carbon footprint and environmental impact of every aspect of our operations.”
“Needless to say, that focus on sustainability not only covers the jobs themselves, it also extends to things such as vehicle movements and the impact of transporting equipment between jobs,” he added.

“After looking at the available options, we felt that the Dynapac CP1200W would provide us with the ideal solution,” Rick May added. “While it has the weight, speed and manoeuvrability to handle larger overlay jobs, its compact size means it’s much easier to oat between jobs – reducing transport costs, heavy vehicle movements and our overall carbon footprint.”

The smallest of Dynapac’s series of pneumatic tyre rollers, the CP1200W incorporates many of the features of the larger rollers in a compact, heavy-duty chassis. The CP1200W is ideally suited for jobs of all sizes ranging from small car parks and patch work to large highway works, and can be used for chip-sealing, compacting asphalt for sealing purposes, and to compact base, sub-base and stabilised soil.

Designed with a focus on robust performance and reliability, the Dynapac CP1200W is powered by a Cummins QSF2.8 Stage IIIA /Tier 3 producing an output of 55kW (74hp) @ 2200rpm. As well as helping to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce operating noise, the combination of the QSF2.8 powerplant and Dynapac’s smooth start-stop action help to maximise e ciency, productivity and ease-of-use.

Available with either ROPS or full factory air-conditioned cabin, the Dynapac CP1200W also comes standard with a 180-degree rotating and sliding operator’s station, this allows the operator to swivel the control console 90 degrees to the left or right side for maximum comfort and convenience. All switches and controls are clearly visible and within easy reach with the switch cluster following the seat movement, making the unit both easy and comfortable to use. The unit has also been designed for maximum safety, with the operator seat placed on slides, and the ROPS positioned so as not to obstruct the view. The operator can keep an eye on the nest details, while also being able to stay aware of movements close to the machine.

With the basic unit weighing in at 5,215kg to 5,570kg (depending on canopy / cab options), the CP1200W has a range of additional ballast options, including water, wet sand or Dynapac’s Flexible Steel ballast system, up to a total weight of 12,100kg. Importantly, the CP1200W
has been designed to ensure that the ballast is distributed evenly to provide the same ground pressure on front and rear tyres, regardless of whether water, sand or steel is used.

“We’re very happy with the new roller,” Rick May said. “It has provided us with the ideal combination of size and performance, and the weight ratio marries up well with our steel drum roller. Importantly, the new CP1200W is not only delivering great results out in the eld, it’s also delivering a significant reduction in both transport and logistic costs, and our overall carbon footprint,”

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Another Triple Certification!

We are proud to announce the team at May Asphalt have achieved triple certification for their integrated management system (Quality / OHS / Environment). We are a a long-established asphalting business in Victoria, and having this triple certification is another reason to choose May Asphalt.

Our certification software has been instrumental in this achievement by providing Gap Analysis, System Development Services, Internal Audits, and continues to provide ongoing services that help us perform at our highest level.

May Asphalt Group provides various types of services to the asphalt industry, from the removal of asphalt, to asphalt paving to consulting, to plant/labor hire. Works preformed are from Asphalt Paving/Overlays, Profiling/Edge Planing, Re-instatements Works, Crack Sealing to various road ways. May Asphalt Group is a family owned and operated company, which has been in business for over 25 years.

In 2018, May Asphalt achieved triple certification for their integrated management system (Quality / OHS / Environment). Shannon Schofield – Compliance Co-ordinator at May Asphalt Group had this to say:

“We engaged with our certification supplier to assist in the implementation of an Integrated Management System to help obtain ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS/NZS4801 certification. The management team and online support team are very efficient in dealing with all requests. We found everyone helpful, polite and prompt in their responses. Within 6 months of running the software May Asphalt Group had achieved certification, the software will help ensure all on-going certifications are achieved. Our employees who use the system have found it an extremely effective and efficient with a user-friendly layout. From conducting Audits to raising Actions and uploading of information – The perfect system!”

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Melbourne Asphalt Company Achieves Smooth Results with DynaPac Paver

For more than 50 years May Asphalt Group has been a leading supplier of asphalt services in Melbourne. The company provides a diverse range of solutions including asphalt paving/overlays, asphalt profiling/edge planing, consulting on civil projects, reinstatements works or asphalt crack sealing to roads and pathways, proving plant and labour hire.

May Asphalt purchased the Dynapac SD2500CS paver over one year ago.

“We decided to purchase the Dynapac paver because it produces higher compaction from its screeds as opposed to the American style screeds,” says Rick May, Managing Director of May Asphalt Group.

He adds, “The new paver has given us the opportunity to improve our efficiencies on large projects.”

SD2500CS Paver

The SD2500CS paver combines decades of experience with constant innovation. When designing this machine, Dynapac focused on the paving process and paving quality as well as increasing the reliability of the machines. The Dynapac SD range features the widest variety of choices: gas or electric heating, standard or high capacity work, 4 different power classes offering a sustainable drive concept, with Eco mode or an optional high performance system called VarioSpeed.


To achieve the best paving quality you need to rely on a high-performance screed, smooth material flow and an efficient, powerful drive. The paving quality is measured in compaction, evenness and profile – the Dynapac SD paver range will help you to achieve your paving goals!


Dynapac’s intelligent control system PaveManager 2.0 combined with the new 7” display provides you with excellent monitoring of the complete paving process and ensures an optimal material flow.

PaveManager 2.0 offers advanced features such as a real time paving parameter overview, paving parameter memory function and automatic crown and slope settings. Combined with additional sensors, PaveManager 2.0 can also display real-time layer thickness and working width data.

Safe Impact System™

The Dynapac SD tracked pavers offer the safe impact system™ – a hydraulic anti-shock push roller that avoids the typical marks on the surface due to truck docking. The system also extends the docking length and gives you flexibility when working with different truck models.


Our Alpha-Track™ system is longer and wider to give you a smooth drive behavior and a perfect grip. The rubber track pads are 320mm wide which creates great ground contact. A high number of rollers inside the tracks improves the manoeuverability on curves. The tracks are also very low to give an optimal dumping height. These track pads are especially designed for paving application and have higher rubber thickness for longer life and lower cost.

Material Flow

Dynapac has designed the hopper with chamfered hopper edges to avoid cold asphalt sticking in the corners. A hydraulic front hopper flap reduces material spillage on the push rollers and on the road. It also helps to completely empty the hopper and reduces the amount of hand shovelling required.

A very low dumping height makes collision with trucks almost impossible. The generous hopper leads to the widest conveyor tunnel on the market. The tunnel is shaped to create the best flow and to avoid any segregation of asphalt material.

The twin conveyor system, 2 x 655 mm wide, with reversible drive, offers smooth material flow without segregation. We have a standard conveyor as well as a high capacity conveyor with double the number of conveyor bars for improved material flow. The auger compartment is fully visible from the operator’s position. The auger and auger tunnel are easily extended to fit wider working widths.

Powerful Auger System

The Dynapac auger drive system is an improved centrally driven system with a slim gearbox (15cm) and small outer bearings that allow homogeneity of mixture, despite the high material throughput of up to 1100 tonnes per hour.

The left and right auger drives have independent and reversible controls. This strong auger system has a torque to handle auger diameters from 380 mm up to 500 mm. In order to achieve optimized material flow for different paving thicknesses you can adjust the auger height hydraulically up to 250mm while paving.

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SprayLine Road Services – A New Direction

May Asphalt Group is a family run business, based locally in Bayswater North, that have been in business for over 25 years. Vic May, along with son Rick works alongside the crew out on the road, whilst his daughter, Kellie, handles the accounts.

SprayLine Road Services (SRS) are very satisfied with the speed and efficiency that May Asphalt Group are demonstrating in the timely completion of these works and are on track to have the works completed by Christmas. Members of the SRS Business Development team had a chance to see the team at work in early November when patching work was being completed on Lysterfield Road.

Patching & Regulations Works – MSE

Every year the Metro South East Maintenance Projects team, led by Upali Ileperuma, puts together a comprehensive patching and regulation program to be completed prior to the spray sealing season (October to December).

Traditionally SprayLine Road Services (SRS) tendered for the spray sealing works only. Now, an innovative approach by MSE and SRS for the 2017/2018 season has seen them work closely to deliver a complete package from scoping the asphalt works through to the spray sealing.

Once the MSE team had identified the roads to be included in the works program, Doug Ryan, SprayLine Surveillance Officer, inspected and scoped the individual sites. Once scoped, SRS were able to group the work into two separate packages which were then put out to tender.

The 2017/2018 program consists of 17 asphalt patching jobs of approximately 15,000 square metres and 2,000 tonnes of asphalt regulation works.

By advertising these works as two separate packages, SRS was endeavouring to create greater competition, as well as aiming to provide more flexibility over the timing of the works.

For the works this season, SRS, in consultation with MSE, engaged May Asphalt Group for both packages.

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