May Asphalt Group is a family run business, based locally in Bayswater North, that have been in business for over 25 years. Vic May, along with son Rick works alongside the crew out on the road, whilst his daughter, Kellie, handles the accounts.

SprayLine Road Services (SRS) are very satisfied with the speed and efficiency that May Asphalt Group are demonstrating in the timely completion of these works and are on track to have the works completed by Christmas. Members of the SRS Business Development team had a chance to see the team at work in early November when patching work was being completed on Lysterfield Road.

Patching & Regulations Works – MSE

Every year the Metro South East Maintenance Projects team, led by Upali Ileperuma, puts together a comprehensive patching and regulation program to be completed prior to the spray sealing season (October to December).

Traditionally SprayLine Road Services (SRS) tendered for the spray sealing works only. Now, an innovative approach by MSE and SRS for the 2017/2018 season has seen them work closely to deliver a complete package from scoping the asphalt works through to the spray sealing.

Once the MSE team had identified the roads to be included in the works program, Doug Ryan, SprayLine Surveillance Officer, inspected and scoped the individual sites. Once scoped, SRS were able to group the work into two separate packages which were then put out to tender.

The 2017/2018 program consists of 17 asphalt patching jobs of approximately 15,000 square metres and 2,000 tonnes of asphalt regulation works.

By advertising these works as two separate packages, SRS was endeavouring to create greater competition, as well as aiming to provide more flexibility over the timing of the works.

For the works this season, SRS, in consultation with MSE, engaged May Asphalt Group for both packages.

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